Every garment we make is developed from scratch by our team of dedicated designers. All of them have a deep-rooted passion for cycling, triathlon, running and because every aspect of design is crucial. We invest heavily in materials, research and development to make sure every piece in our collection is designed for a specific user with riding conditions in mind – engineered and manufactured to deliver the ultimate performance that World Champions demand.

We make only the finest quality products in-house, in Italy, enabling us to develop innovative products quickly and efficiently.



“Great cycle clothing should fi t so well that you don’t even notice it,” Monica Santini, Santini CEO. “At Santini we strive to create garments that fi t like a ‘second skin’, it is what we are best known for.”


Santini is a technology pioneer and pro supplier. From our world class chamois technology to our materials research, our aim is to make sure that every Santini product provides you with maximum performance in the saddle.


Each garment is engineered to provide unsurpassed comfort in the saddle, from the materials selected to the strategic placement of each seam.


Santini Cycling Wear is Made in Italy by our highly skilled production staff with the highest quality materials. Each garment undergoes vigorous quality controls and will last a lifetime.