I started using Santini Custom three years ago when I was organising my first cycling endurance event, Revolve24, and wanted to provide event cycling gear for riders to buy as a memento.

I have always known of Santini cycling gear but didn’t have much experience working with them, or indeed, wearing their gear. This has all changed now and the thing that stands out is the fit, quality and performance of the gear. I get great feedback from the Revolve24 riders who buy the event gear. The fit of the jerseys comes in for particular praise. For me the bib-shorts are right up there. Having used many other brands of bib-shorts before, I have to say that the only bib-shorts I now wear are Santini. They are superbly comfortable and that comfort lasts for truly long rides. Even after a couple of years, and many washes, the performance is still fabulous.

The jerseys and bibs always start with a basic design from ourselves and then Santini designers add the magic touch to bring the gear to life.

Having now worked with Santini Custom and worn the gear myself, I would recommend Santini without hesitation.